This Friday, we’re acknowledging the milestones of our team member, Tamsan Mora.


Tamsan is an aspiring architect who is currently on the path to licensure. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree at the University of Arkansas, where she graduated with honors. Originally from rural Arkansas, her education gave her opportunities to travel with a semester abroad in Rome. She was able to explore her interests in residential architecture through her honors thesis on affordable housing and received recognition for her student work from organizations such as the ASLA.


During her 3+ years at COBU, she has assisted with the development of a range of projects. Her interest in residential architecture has grown; her most recent work has focused on single-family homes and apartment complexes.


Tamsan is our “tea aficionado,” who is often seen around the office enjoying a cuppa while assisting the newer Architectural Interns. She recently “spilled the tea” that she has started to fill her home with life (house plants), a Peace Lily and Dottie are the most recent acquisitions. She spends much of her time there or at the library, studying for the Architect Registration Examination.

Thank you for being a great team player, Tamsan. Your efforts make our team stronger.