This Friday, we’re highlighting and acknowledging our team member, Zubia Jahangir!

Before Zubia joined us here at COBU, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the esteemed University of Illinois at Chicago in 2021. She complemented her major with minors in Mathematics and Women’s Studies.

Following graduation, Zubia has spent her time at COBU to work and grow as a passionate design enthusiast and aspiring architect. We have been pleased to see her continuously refine her skills through a practical approach from conceptualization to completion on various residential and commercial projects. In addition to her architectural pursuits, Zubia also excels in the role of social media manager at COBU. She has taken the online reins to promote the firm’s work and projects while nurturing a robust virtual presence for the company.

However, what truly distinguishes Zubia is her infectious enthusiasm and zest for life in general. She approaches every challenge with a positive attitude.  She shows a willingness to take on risks while finding creative ways to infuse enjoyment and humor into the process.  Her colleagues often mistake her excitement for caffeine and sugar overdoses.


Outside of her professional endeavors, Zubia actively pursues her hobbies including photography, art, and seeking adrenaline. Her artistic eye and natural talent for visual aesthetics shine through her food art and food photography, which she shares on her personal Instagram page. Additionally, Zubia has an adventurous side. She’s shared photos with us of adrenaline-inducing activities such as exotic roller coaster rides, bungee jumping, and skydiving. This adventurous spirit reflects her willingness to take calculated risks as a designer, continuously pushing the boundaries of convention to achieve success in the field of architecture.

In her delightful wisdom, Zubia firmly believes that roller coasters are great stress relievers after a day spent working on structural details. The thrilling twists and turns cast worries to the wind, leaving one refreshed and ready for the next design conquest.

A great team member like Zubia lifts others up. Thanks for being a positive influence!

A glimpse of Zubia’s adventures: