This Friday, we’re highlighting and acknowledging our team member Daniel Martinez!

Danny is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Studies. He plans to continue his education and earn a Master of Architecture on his path to becoming licensed.  At COBU, Danny has worked on townhouses, residential, and commercial projects while gaining experience and knowledge from the team.

Danny grew up playing sports and going to concerts, so his future career goals include designing commercial buildings for entertainment such as stadiums, arenas, and venues. Danny’s passion and skills in architecture have led to him helping family members and peers improve their homes. For example, he built a 3D digital model patio he designed for his parents to better enjoy festivities in their backyard. His next project will be a 3D model of the design of his future home.

When not in the office, Danny loves to be outdoors with his family He is an adventurous person and enjoys trying new activities, scenery, and food. In the summer, he enjoys camping, festivals, and traveling to other places around the world. He has a long bucket list of places to travel. In the winter, he enjoys ice skating, sledding, and snowboarding. He plans to continue his adventures while also pursuing his passion in architecture.